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Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 12.58.06 PMProviding relevant, timely professional development is a challenge to an administrator. With buzz words abounding and books a bountiful, what do you do when time is tight but content is crucial? It’s easier than you think. In the latest webinar for the Leadership 3.0 community, presenter Amber Teamann, an elementary school assistant principal in Texas, discussed the best practice components of an effective in-service that leaves both you AND your staff ready to implement what is necessary for campus success. She gave recommendations, such as: allowing teachers ample time to prepare and implement, and reminding them of the ultimate vision. Amber shared fun ways to interact with teachers and make them excited about new happenings in the classroom.

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Leadership 3.0: Essential Skills for Innovative Principals is a professional learning community (PLC) that will help school principals use Web 2.0 tools to be an innovative leader, help teachers grow professionally, improve student learning, and improve communications with all stakeholders.

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