edWeb 2023 Professional Learning Survey

edWeb Professional Learning Survey 2023

edWeb.net is a free professional learning network that provides educators with online learning communities and edWebinars. edWeb has grown to a global community of over 1 million educators from preK – higher ed. edWeb provides personalized, collaborative learning—anytime, anywhere. The benefits of virtual professional learning became even more apparent during the pandemic, and continue to provide teachers, administrators, and all staff with more choice and flexibility that makes learning more relevant with better work/life balance.

Our 2023 Professional Learning Survey reports on 5 years of data. The comments we receive every year help us continually improve our services. The survey was conducted in February and was sent via email to 151,494 edWeb members. We received 1,204 replies, a comparable response with past years.

2023 Key Takeaways from edWeb Members

  • Webinars are the professional learning activity that helps the most.
  • Members most value content that is current and relevant with the flexibility to participate on their own time.
  • edWeb helps members acquire information, resources, and knowledge.
  • edWeb CE certificates are used by 66% of members for school and district PD hours and by 45% to renew their state teacher’s license.
  • edWeb shows an even higher impact on student learning this year with many edWeb members sharing their learning for school-wide impact.
  • edWeb continues to get an exceptionally high “Net Promoter Score” of 72 from members, with many comments to help us understand our value and also ways we can continue to improve.

Summary of Results

The first question in the survey asks, “What types of professional development activities help you improve the most?” Our members have consistently responded that webinars are number one. This year, online professional learning networks moved ahead of teacher education courses.

What types of Professional Development help you improve?

We asked educators what features are important in a professional development program. The most important feature is that the content be current and relevant, followed by the flexibility to participate on their own time, that the program is free, and the ability to receive a certificate of completion.

What is important to you in a professional learning program?

The survey asks, “How has edWeb helped you in the past year?” Results show edWeb has been most helpful for acquiring valuable information and resources, increasing knowledge in their field, making learning more engaging for students, and getting support not available in their school/district.

How has edWeb helped you in the past year?

66% of our members are using their edWeb CE certificates for their school and district PD hours and 45% to renew their state teacher’s license.

How are your using edWeb CE certificates?

This year, we see a notable increase in the impact edWeb has on student learning. 63% of educators report edWeb has a high impact on their students’ learning. 52% of those surveyed share their learning with colleagues, and that impacts their students learning. 34% of respondents report that edWeb has a schoolwide impact on students’ learning.

How much impact has edWeb had on your students' learning?

For the past three years, we’ve asked our members, “How likely are you to recommend edWeb to a colleague?” 64% of our members give edWeb a 10, the highest score. The answers to this question on a scale of 1 – 10 can be converted to a Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric that is used to show the value of a company or service. edWeb’s NPS score is 72 this year, an exceptionally high score that very few companies attain.

How likely are you to recommend edWeb to a colleague?

We received nearly 400 comments from educators who took the survey. Their comments are overwhelmingly positive and thankful for our free service that provides the kind of high-quality, online professional learning they need and CE certificates for their PD hours.

“I truly appreciate all the effort put into providing the PD you provide. I have recommended this site to every certified employee in my district. I especially like the recordings that I can watch at any time and when I sign up for a session I cannot attend.

Lisa Schmucki, the founder and CEO of edWeb.net, commented, “As we emerge from the crisis stage of the pandemic, the need for quality professional learning and support is greater than ever. There are so many academic, mental health, and staffing challenges. Providing teachers and staff with professional learning that meets their needs and provides better work/life balance has a positive impact for staff and students. Our survey continues to show that edWeb makes a difference with professional learning that is free, accessible, equitable, and sustainable for all staff.


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