Varsity Tutors for Schools Launches a Professional Learning Community on edWeb is excited to announce that Varsity Tutors for Schools will sponsor and spearhead Tutoring for Schools, a free professional learning community on edWeb that supports tutors, teachers and district administrators by equipping them with an online community of experts, resources and a series of edLeader Panels exploring the biggest tutoring issues facing schools today.

Tutoring for Schools will provide thought-provoking discussions, conveniently recorded edLeader Panels and podcasts designed for real-time learning, and monthly blog posts with strategies to scale tutoring district wide and improve student outcomes. The community is a unique space for tutors, teachers, and district administrators to explore how educational technology can support tutoring for any student in any classroom.

To kick off their community sponsorship, Varsity Tutors for Schools will host an edLeader Panel about How One District Is Using Tutoring to Solve Teacher Retention Challenges on May 9, 2023 at 5:00 pm ET. Dr. Tina Powell, Assistant Superintendent of Innovation & Systems and Dr. Devonii Reid, Principal, STEM Innovation Academy of The Orange Public Schools, NJ; and Brian Galvin, Chief Academic Officer, Varsity Tutors for Schools, will discuss how the Orange Public Schools (NJ) is leveraging tutoring services to increase teacher capacity while supporting students with standards-aligned personalized instruction during the school day. Educators can register to attend the live event or receive the recording here.

“As we diligently collaborate with educators to design tools that are ever more intuitive and responsive to the needs of students, we are thrilled to host this professional learning community centered on tutoring,” said Anthony Salcito, Chief Institution Business Officer for Varsity Tutors for Schools. “We invite educators and district administrators who want to learn about and share their experiences to join our brand-new edWeb community, Tutoring for Schools, and engage in an exceptional discourse on the most effective ways of implementing tutoring support tools in the classroom.”

“We’re delighted to work with Varsity Tutors for Schools to launch a professional learning program on tutoring on edWeb,” said Lisa Schmucki, the founder and CEO of “It’s so important to share the best practices for effective tutoring programs so we help students move forward faster with their learning.”

Educators are invited to join the free professional learning community Tutoring for Schools and to register for the upcoming edLeader Panel, How One District Is Using Tutoring to Solve Teacher Retention Challenges.

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