Using Technology to Break Away from Traditional Assessments 


Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 12.00.24 PMIn the second webinar for the Assessment for Learning community, Dan Levin, President and Founder of EducAide Softwares delivered the second in a series focused on bringing higher-level questions into the classroom.  The first webinar, Better Math Questions for Better Answers, focused on writing and assigning better questions, while this one focused on delivering them in innovative ways.  The discussion showed how good questions can be used equally well for instruction and assessment, often at the same time.  Dan looked at various technology options for the teacher, all the way from selection and formatting of questions to delivery through PowerPoint presentations, software for interactive whiteboards, teacher or school web pages, or any handheld device (smartphones and tablets).  Dan shared combinations of new and old technologies, such as fully-customized flash cards for daily warm-ups or group work, and paper-based tests, quizzes and “exit tickets” that make use of QR codes for scoring. There were plenty of examples of how teachers measure student progress in real-time and use that information to improve learning.

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