Using Infographics to Get Your Point Across

Infographics are rapidly becoming the premier method of conveying data, trends, even résumés.  These informative and eye catching images come in all shapes and sizes, and are beginning to be very popular in classrooms across the nation.  As abundant of the types of infographics, are the tools available to build them.

Presenter Shannon Holden explored these, and the many other parts of infographics in this month’s TechTools webinar.  Attendees were given an in depth look at infographics, as well as examples, images, and planning steps that made the seemingly complex subject as easy as do-re-mi.  Shannon discussed the definition of an infographic, the different types, and even shared his preferred tool for building them.  He also gave an overview of the Infogram website, and compared it to other online infographic builders such as Nerdgraph, Piktochart, and Easelly.  Watch the webinar to find out how you can build your own infographic!

Quotes from the Session:

“I can see using this for yearbook production with student surveys.”

“This was cool. My first EdWeb seminar & I’ll be back. Thanks Shannon.”

“Thanks so much. These webinars are great. I cannot imagine how else I would be able to participate in PD on this level!”

“Thank you so much for the info on infographics.   I am hopeful to find out how to use in my Spanish class.   Possibly have students research countries that speak spanish etc.”


Click to view the webinar “Using Infographics to Get Your Point Across”

Presented by Shannon Holden, Assistant Principal, Republic Middle School, MO

Shannon Holden is a high school and middle school teacher and administrator who loves technology and helping teachers learn easy ways to use free tools in the classroom.

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