Teaching Persuasive Writing


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 12.51.19 PMOpinions matter! Many students are eager to weigh in on issues that are important to them. By teaching them how to write sound arguments, we can help them persuade others of their point of view now and in the future. The Common Core State Standards place particular emphasis on opinion writing. The authors of the standards explain that argument literacy is at the heart of a great education because “it forces a writer to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of multiple perspectives.”  In this month’s edWeb.net Real World Literacy and the Common Core community’s webinar, presenters Suzanne Zimbler and Jaime Joyce of TIME for Kids, discussed how to build the skills that support argument writing. Suzanne and Jaime shared tools that attendees could use immediately to teach students in grades 2—8 how to develop their position, how to defend it with reasons and evidence, and how to anticipate opponents’ views.  They provided sample opinion texts, as well as, teaching resources that introduce and reinforce persuasive writing skills. These real-world writing skills are critical across the curriculum, and can benefit teachers of all subject areas.

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