Teaching K-3 to Code Around the World


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 5.33.56 PMHow do you prepare a global generation of young learners to create and compete in our increasingly digital world? How do you reach kids from the Upper East Side in NYC to rural Sri Lanka with the same tool? In this edWeb.net webinar presented by the Teaching Kids to Code community, Grant Hosford and Joe Shochet, co-founders of the award-winning learning game company codeSpark discussed the primary research and third party research that fuels their game development. This webinar is valuable for administrators, teachers, curriculum experts, parents, and STEM specialists. Topics included: codeSpark research with thousands of kids – including paper prototypes and digital prototypes; Third party research from Tufts and MIT that inspired Grant and Joe; A surprising reason all kids should learn about computer science; Data from Concepts vs. Skills; What codeSpark has learned about girls; Why codeSpark believe silliness is under appreciated as a teaching tool!

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