Teaching Commitment: Keep Your Kids on Course ALL Year


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 1.14.55 PMWe all launch into a new school year with enthusiasm and determination: “I’ll get good grades, have perfect attendance”…then reality sets in: This is HARD!  How can we engage students in active learning and help them to maintain that September momentum throughout the entire school year? By showing students that they all have within themselves the commitment to achieve anything they want. Medal of Honor Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice can teach kids how to find the inner strength to pursue and achieve their goals. In this edWeb.net webinar, presenter Noel Wall demonstrated how these lessons and activities foster commitment, make students stronger and more resilient, and make schools better places to learn and grow.  Noel explored lessons and activities that foster commitment, how to use the free MOH curriculum to teach perseverance and resilience, and how you can obtain a free copy of the MOH Character Development Program and Lessons for your classroom.

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Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice is a professional learning community, hosted by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation that highlights a free character education program that includes lesson plans, video vignettes, webinars and primary source documents for secondary school teachers to use in the classroom as examples of courage, integrity, and good citizenship.  The program is built on the premise that all people have within them the capacity for extraordinary bravery and selfless service.  This program is sponsored by Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

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