Ten Strategies to Boost Brain Power in the Early Years


boy-310099_1280This exciting and insightful webinar was held by edWeb.net community, Early Childhood Learning Solutions, and was hosted by award-winning musician, Stephen Fite.  Webinar presenter, Dr. Pam Schiller, curriculum specialist, author, and speaker, guided attendees on how to ensure that the time spent with children is making a significant and positive impact in their future.

Scientific research findings have provided new insights into how we can best optimize learning and development. Many of these findings determine that a strong foundation is particularly crucial during the first five years of life when 95% of the brain is wired.  This session offered ten easy-to-implement yet essential strategies to optimize learning for little ones ages 0-5. Strategies included harnessing the power of music and movement, incorporating sensory experiences, using repetition to cement knowledge, and more! This webinar provided examples and methods that will help educators, caregivers, and parents support early learning and development of children right from birth.  Webinar attendees learned how to recognize fertile learning opportunities and be “fully present” when interacting with children.

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