Stealth Assessment in Video Games


arcade-games-154575_640Games can be powerful vehicles to support learning, but their success in education hinges on getting the assessment part right. In this webinar for the Game-Based Learning community, FSU Professor Valerie Shute explored how games can use stealth assessment to measure and support the learning of critical 21st century competencies. She discussed what stealth assessment is, why it is important, and how to develop and accomplish it. Valerie also provided examples within the context of a game called Physics Playground that she helped develop.  She shared what has been learned by recent research on stealth assessments in games, including whether stealth assessment provides valid and reliable estimates of students’ developing competencies, including qualitative understanding, creativity, and persistence.  She discussed the idea that students can actually learn as a function of game play.  View the webinar to learn more about measuring and supporting learning in video games with stealth assessments.

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