Inquiry Learning Big6-Style: Good Questions = Good Learning!


Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 4.49.32 PMIn this webinar, presented by the LMC @ The Forefront community at, Dr. Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz discussed the important relationship between the Big6 Approach and inquiry-based learning.   Inquiry-based learning creates opportunities for students to engage in active learning surrounded by good questions. Good questions lead students to investigate and problem-solve about significant topics, themes, and ideas – and design new insights and develop new skills. The Big6 Approach encourages good questions that promote problem-solving and decision making, involve higher-order thinking skills, have multiple possible answers, utilize a variety of resources, cannot be answered without careful and lengthy research, encourage students to question their initial ideas, and promote further inquiry while allowing teacher-librarians and classroom teachers to act as guides and facilitators. Mike and Bob cover topics such as:

•    The Big6 as a reliable and transferable strategy students can use to solve problems and make decisions.
•    The Big6 as a way to empower students to engage big ideas and key concepts efficiently and effectively.
•    Big6 students becoming secure learners, who engage and connect with curriculum content in meaningful ways.
•    Inquiry-based learning, combining with the Big6 Approach, to teach students the skills necessary to do what experts do – solve problems and make decisions based on information.

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