Preparing Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities for the Workforce


autismStudents with disabilities leave school and go on to opportunities that include competitive employment. Unfortunately the vast majority of students with intellectual disabilities are unemployed (Institute for Community Inclusion, 2012). Recent directives from the federal government suggests that states are not doing enough to prepare students with intellectual disabilities to gain employment after leaving high school.

In this webinar for the Teaching Students with Autism community,  Kara Magee-Arick, MS, BCBA, Educational Consultant, discussed ways school districts can improve postsecondary outcomes and employment opportunities for students with significant intellectual disabilities. View this webinar recording to:

  • learn the importance of starting early, teaching foundational skills, providing consistent instruction as students’ progress through grade levels, and using assessment to drive instruction;
  • reflect on critical issues such as the challenge of providing instruction in an inclusive setting, and the role of learning standards when designing instruction that leads to competitive employment; and
  • explore the additional barriers schools face when designing and implementing instruction focused on postsecondary outcomes.

The STAR Program for preschool/elementary age students and Links Curriculum for secondary students will be shared. Participants will have an opportunity to identify how these curricula can help students with autism, and students with significant developmental disabilities, gain skills that will ultimately translate into more opportunities to participate in competitive employment as adults.

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