Practical Application for Using Video Models with Students with Autism


Video Modeling is a mode of teaching that uses video recordings or live video to provide a visual model of instructions on how to carry out a behavior or skill. This practice meets evidenced-based practice (EBP) criteria and may be useful anywhere a student has access to video display equipment. Why do learners with autism spectrum disorders benefit from using videos models? What are types of video models?

During this Teaching Students with Autism webinar, participants learned the power of using video models with learners on the autism spectrum.  The webinar presenters from Monarch Center for Autism, Mandi Rickelman, MA, Early Childhood Supervisor, and Rebecca Remner, MS CCC-SLP, Associate Teacher Supervisor, shared practical examples and provided tips for creation and steps for implementation. Participants also learned about helpful apps and tools used to create video models.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Learn the definition of video modeling;
  • Learn the types of video models;
  • Learn how students with ASD benefit from this mode of instruction;
  • Learn tips for creating video models; and
  • Learn how to implement video models.

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