Picture This: Engaging Students with Online Images


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 10.47.07 AMHow can images you find online be used with students to spark curiosity and learning? In the first webinar for the edWeb.net Ignite Digital Learning community, Britannica Digital Learning’s Sara Torpey explored ways that you can engage your students with online images. Classroom teachers and school librarians – experienced and novice alike – participated in a discussion of ways to put photographs, illustrations, maps, diagrams, and other educational images to work, increasing the rigor and demand of Common Core-aligned lessons and activities at all grade levels.  Sara covered where and why images fit in curriculum standards, how to use images, such as photographs, illustrations, and maps, as discussion prompts, visual cues, and thinking starters.  She explored how and why the same image can serve purposes in different subjects and grade levels, as well as, how to craft queries for abstract versus concrete images, and how these images can be used.  View the webinar to learn new ways to engage your students with online images!

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Ignite Digital Learning is a free professional learning community (PLC) where educators, librarians, and administrators can explore strategies and tactics for getting every child to be a better thinker, better reader, and better writer through the use of digital resources.  Together, we can transform learning to reach every student’s true potential. This program is sponsored by Britannica Digital Learning.

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