The New PBL…Merging Mobile with the MakerEd Movement


Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 10.35.44 AMThe new “Project-Based Learning” merges mobile learning, maker ed, STEM, and hands-on learning into Common Core-based curriculum for students.  It encourages exploring mobile environments and immersing students in nature, engineering, and experiential learning.  In the January webinar for the Mobile Learning Explorations community, presenter Susan Wells, educator and Current President of ISTE SIG Mobile Learning, described how synthesizing the tools of Mobile Ed and Maker Ed brings fun and high engagement to the classroom. She explained how bringing these two educational movements together with the CCSS creates education that makes more sense, with content that is connected and integrated so students are fully engaged in the curriculum.  Susan provided a brief overview of Project-based Learning, Mobile Learning, and Maker Education before telling attendees about Camp EdTech Green, which is an example of the merging of mobile ed and maker ed that is happening right now in Durham, NC.  She displayed how combining found and recycled items with tools like iMovie, LiveBinder, Twitter, i-Nigma, Aurasma, Makey-Makey Arduino Boards, and Rasberry-Pi can create a more powerful curriculum.  Attendees learned how they could replicate a similar project-based learning model in their own school or district.

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