Motivate Students by Integrating Tech into Learning (Even When Tech Access is Limited)


Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 10.33.50 AMTechnology is the great equalizer for student circumstance – whether it be socio-economic, location, or social-emotional issues. Technology is something today’s generation constantly engages in and engagement is the key to student learning. We must meet our learners where they are, and engaging them is the first step.  Passion-based learning creates some of the best results in student engagement as many students today are passionate about technology.  It is simply a matter of teachers embracing that same passion. In the Leadership 3.0 community’s January webinar, presenter Daisy Dyer Duerr, Principal at St. Paul Schools in Arkansas, gave  specific examples of some of the amazing technology that is being used at her rural district, where less than 10% of the students have computer access in their homes. She showed how this technology has been a “game changer” for the students at St. Paul. This “small town school” is now providing a global education through technology. Daisy showed attendees how they can better motivate students by integrating technology into learning, even if tech access is limited.

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