Maximizing Your K-12 Communications to Support Student Success


child-776427_640Did you know that 86% of the public believes that parental support is the most important way to ensure student achievement? Blackboard and Project Tomorrow have surveyed thousands of parents across the U.S. to understand how they want to be communicated with and which channels they prefer, as well as ways to increase their engagement with schools and districts. In this edWeb webinar, Project Tomorrow CEO Julie Evans shared the parent survey data that was collected. Attendees learned which tools and practices they would need to maximize family and community engagement in their districts to ultimately influence student success. Other topics included:

• The role that parents feel social media and mobile devices play in K-12
• How parents measure student success
• What parents worry about for their children’s academic future
• The ways in which parents like to communicate

K-12 administrators interested in parent engagement survey feedback and community engagement technology tools that help districts maximize their communications will benefit from viewing this webinar. The webinar was hosted by edWeb’s Family Engagement & Community Outreach in K-12 community.

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Family Engagement & Community Outreach in K­12 is an online thought leadership community where district and school administrators, teachers, and parents can explore all aspects of family engagement and its positive effects on student achievement.  This program is sponsored by Schoolwires.

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