Listening and Learning with Public Radio


ABL blog imageTeachers are challenged to meet new standards around listening. How well students absorb information by listening is being assessed on many state tests and piloted in PARCC. Research shows students can absorb information through listening at two to three grade levels higher than they can through reading.

In this webinar, presenters Monica Brady-Myerov (Founder and CEO of Listen Current) and Adam Pizzi (Instructional Technologist for the Westfield Public School System) used public radio to help teachers and administrators gain a better understanding of how auditory learning works. They demonstrated ways to build critical listening skills in the classroom and discussed the tools educators can use to accomplish this. Topics included:

  • Best practices for using public radio in the classroom
  • Cognitive research behind auditory learning
  • Listening strategies to improve metacognition

This interactive session can help ELA, Social Studies, and Science teachers, department heads, and administrators in grades 6-12 learn how to improve student listening through public radio. The webinar was hosted by edWeb’s Audio-Based Learning and Collaboration community.

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