Make a Difference Now – Why Early STEM Education is Essential


math2Students, especially girls, start losing interest in STEM subjects as early as second grade. As such, early STEM education is critical in order to build and maintain student interest in the STEM disciplines. Students need integrated STEM experiences to provide a foundation in engineering design principles with opportunities to apply their learning to mathematics, science, and language arts.

ETA hand2mind and Texas A&M collaborated to develop a series of classroom-tested, hands-on modules that strike the perfect balance of rigor and ease of use for PreK-5.  edWeb community, Implementing Common Core Standards in Math, held a webinar this May focusing on the importance of STEM education.  Webinar presenters, Johannes Strobel, Ph.D., Texas A&M University, Jessica Bridges, M.P.A., C.A.E., CEO of Triangle Coalition for STEM Education, and Sara Delano Moore, Ph.D., Director of Mathematics and Science at ETA hand2mind, provided webinar attendees with information on early STEM education research and integrated STEM solutions that reach students with real-world connections.  Watch the webinar recording to learn more!

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Implementing Common Core Standards in Math is a professional learning community (PLC) that provides a platform, advice and support regarding the new roll out in our national math curriculum. Some of the topics to be discussed in this community include: suggested frameworks/time lines, formative/summative assessments, engaging lessons, manipulatives, content standards, mathematical practices, family involvement, technology, and differentiation.  This program is sponsored by ETA hand2mind.

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