Leveraging (FREE) Digital Tools To Engage Families


Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 2.53.43 PMIn a time when budgets are tight and schedules are even tighter, educators must be creative and agile as we seek ways to connect with families and fortify the essential home-community-school relationship that best supports kids. Schools must differentiate outreach efforts to meet families where they are – in the same way teachers must differentiate for students with diverse needs. Today’s digital and social platforms provide educators with an abundance of free resources to help us bring down the walls and invite families and community to engage with the great activities and dedicated people inside our schools. In the edWeb.net Leadership 3.0 community’s latest webinar, Carrie Jackson, Principal and Lead Learner at Timberview Middle School in Texas, discussed the difference social media and other resources can make in connecting with families.  She shared some of the ways her school has successfully engaged with families and how they developed a culture of transparency and trust throughout their learning community, “The Timberview Family.”  View the recording to learn how to leverage free digital tools to engage your school’s families.

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