Leadership in a Virtual School Setting


Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.25.13 AMSchool leadership can be challenging, and leadership at a virtual school can present its own set of challenges.  Whether it’s working with remote faculty members or statewide enrollments, evaluating the performance of virtual instructors, or partnering with hundreds of brick and mortar schools – being a virtual school leader can be a much different experience than leading at a traditional school.  In the edWeb.net Leadership 3.0 community’s latest webinar, presenter Tony Baldasaro, Chief Human Resources Officer of the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School, the nation’s 7th largest statewide virtual school, shared how virtual school leadership is similar to and different from brick and mortar school leadership.  Tony discussed include leadership structure, working with remote faculty, technologies used, and the importance of building meaningful relationships through virtual tools.  In an interactive Q&A session, Tony also addressed issues of discipline, and specific reasons for their choices in structure and technology.

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