Inspiring Creativity With No-tech, Low-tech and High-tech Tools


InnovationYou don’t necessarily need the newest, shiniest gadget to engage kids. In this edTech Innovators webinar, librarian and tech guru, Todd Burleson, Resource Center Director at Hubbard Woods Elementary at Winnetka, IL, discussed how he used Peter Reynolds’ book, The Dot, to inspire creativity and teach his students in his K-4 school about Braille alphabets, Morse code, splatter painting by Jackson Pollock, and pointillism by Seurat and Lichtenstein.

This year, he is bringing a children’s book author to the school to help fourth-graders create their own interactive picture books—which, with the help of a music teacher, can also become pieces of music. Burleson gave examples of the power of turning students into creators rather than consumers of content, and shared how he helps teachers use technology by writing a weekly column called, “Todd’s Tuesday Tech Tips.”

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