Why PD is like piano lessons

RTdRd6aqcWe all think we’re going to have more time over the summer – to read, to relax, to clean out the attic, to catch up on PD!  But PD is like piano lessons.  It’s best to do a little bit, regularly, all year long.  edWeb makes it easy.  Attend one of our free webinars – it only takes an hour.  You’ll connect online with educators all around the country, and the world.

edWeb.net is a community built especially for educators and provides free professional learning communities (PLCs) and webinars on a wide range of really forward-thinking topics like assessment, game-based learning, mobile learning, tech tools for the classroom, school gardens, digital citizenship, and much more.  Unfortunately, most schools and districts don’t have the time, money, or expertise to provide information and training on these exciting new frontiers in education.  edWeb provides just-in-time PD by educators and for educators that accelerates learning for everyone!

CE CertificateedWeb provides CE certificates to educators who attend our live webinars, or watch the recordings that are archived on edWeb.net.  Fortunately, many educators are beginning to get credit for informal professional learning, so our certificates are accepted in many districts and some states for PD and certification requirements.

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So many ways to enjoy free PD – and just like taking piano lessons.  You practice a little bit every week, and before you know it you’re amazed at how you’ve improved!