A Fresh Perspective on Engaging Students in Computer Science: Google’s CS First Program


CodeWhen it comes to teaching students to code, finding cheap or free software isn’t the problem. But finding free personnel who are trained in curriculum and coding instruction? Now, that’s a challenge. In comes Google, who hopes to solve that problem with CS First –a program designed by a team of educators and computer scientists to get students, particularly those in underrepresented groups in technology, interested in coding through afterschool and summer programs, at a very low cost–all with fun, engaging and collaborative curriculum.

Last month, edtech news organization EdSurge spotlighted CS First in their “Teaching Kids to Code” Guide, chronicling the journey of CS First’s development and 1200+ student pilot in the Charleston, South Carolina area from August 2013 to April 2014. Interested in learning about this initiative? Watch the recording of this edWeb.net Teaching Kids to Code webinar.  Google’s Kate Berrio and EdSurge Associate Editor Mary Jo Madda shared all the details on free tools for coding, outcomes from the CS First initial pilot, and how you can bring this program to your school or district.

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