edWeb = “Free-Range PD” Teachers Love!

Free Range PD

edWeb.net has free professional learning on such a wide range of topics that we call it “free-range PD!”

Learn, share, and mentor with colleagues in your school and district, or meet up in edWebinar chats and in our professional learning communities with educators all around the world. Classroom teachers, librarians, and administrators can use edWeb to fuel their professional growth by viewing edWebinars live or on-demand, joining online discussions, accessing free resources, and creating a support network.

“I never know what I don’t know until I attend an edWeb webinar!”

Here are great ideas on how you can explore edWeb individually or as a group and expand your professional learning horizons with engaging edWebinars and a supportive professional community.

Ideas for Free-Range PD!

  • If you’re a PD coordinator, host an edWeb PD Day and encourage teachers to watch one or more edWebinars on literacy and reading.
  • Start a “Webinar of the Month Club” and learn and share new ideas and strategies all through the year.
  • Learn how other educators are using edWeb.net for their professional learning.
  • edWeb tutorials show you how it works.

edWeb is a great one-stop resource for free-range PD!