edWeb PD Survey: Early Learning Educators

edWeb has just released a new edWeb 2018 Early Learning PD Survey which provides a valuable extension of the information gathered in the Professional Learning Survey: K-12 that was conducted in March 2018.  The results are a strong endorsement for the collaborative, anytime anywhere, free professional learning that edWeb provides – for educators in all roles and at all levels. Since early learning educators are 25% of our members, we wanted to see if there were any differences in their attitudes about professional learning, and about edWeb’s model for free personalized professional learning.

The only difference we found is that early learning educators are even more positive about the value of edWeb as a professional network and resource. We know that this is the way we can have an impact. And we now know that over 80% of educators from preK through grade 12 are highly likely to recommend edWeb to teaches and their colleagues.

There are many similarities in responses from both surveys so that validation is additional confirmation of edWeb’s impact. In the early learning survey, over 70% of respondents rated edWeb highly effective in 6 critically important areas:

– Learning from peers
– Engaging in consistent learning
– Personalizing professional learning
– Increasing subject area knowledge
– Improving teaching
– Making learning more engaging for students

Both surveys also show that educators from preK – 12 are getting continuing education credit for attending/viewing edWebinars – 25% are getting state approval and 45% are getting approval from their school or district. Giving recognition increases participation and impact, so this is a critical metric we will continue to follow as we work to gave more state level approvals.

We want to thank our sponsors who are the hosts of our professional learning programs. It is their financial support that allows edWeb to be free for educators, and their professional learning content that gets edWeb the high marks that it receives.

Here is just one of many comments we received about the value of edWeb:

“I told all my friends and co-workers about how useful and important these webinars are, and I gave them the website edWeb.net. We love edWeb.net and thank everyone who makes this kind of presentation.”

The edWeb community has grown to more than 550 educators in 185 countries around the world. We host 300 live edWebinars a year. Every week on edWeb we average 3,800 live attendees and 3,100 on-demand views. That is powerful, sustained engagement. edWeb provides professional learning that is personalized, relevant, collaborative, and sustained over time – and we provide it for free.

Download the edWeb 2018 edWeb 2018 Early Learning PD Survey
Download the edWeb 2018 Professional Learning Survey: K-12

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