Bullying and the Brain


brainThis month, edWeb community, Stop Bullying, held a webinar covering the latest research on the physiological effects of bullying.  New research has outlined the effects of bullying on the adolescent brain. These findings are so controversial that we will be hearing about them for years to come.  It is an undeniable conclusion that when parents of bullied children hear about the results, they will be using these studies as ammunition to sue their child’s school.  Webinar presenter, Shannon Holden, Assistant Principal at Republic Middle School, MO, provided attendees with a rundown of the latest research, and explained how schools can defend themselves against lawsuits.  Watch the webinar recording to learn about this cutting edge research and how to address bullying in your school!Join the community and take a quiz to receive a CE Certificate for viewing this webinar.

Stop Bullying is a professional learning community (PLC) that is formulated to be a place where educators can share and learn about resources that will help them reduce the amount of bullying behaviors in their school.

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