What Brain Research Tells Us About the Social & Emotional Development of Young Children


kindergarten-504672_640Emotional & social development often takes a back seat to cognitive processes involved in math readiness and reading readiness when the topic of academic learning is being addressed. However, the neuroscience literature demonstrates that emotional and social development goes hand-in-hand with cognitive development. Optimal learning can only occur when a child’s emotional and social needs are met. Early learning experiences have a profound influence on the social and emotional development of young children. Emotional, social and cognitive abilities are inextricably intertwined. Even though rhetoric is often employed to make it seem as if it is possible to isolate cognitive development from emotional and social development, it cannot be done. Emotional health and social competence provide the foundation for emerging cognitive abilities.

This edWeb.net webinar, hosted by the PreK-3 Digital Learning community, stressed the critical role of the adult in the social and emotional development of young children. Dr. William Mosier, Professor of Early Childhood Education at Wright State University and Director of Research at the Lynda A. Cohen Center for the Study of Child Development, showed attendees how to provide an optimal environment for supporting emotional and social development. The “How to” and “Why” of developmentally appropriate practices was explored, in relationship to addressing each child’s social, emotional, and cognitive needs. Dr. Mosier also emphasized the central role of “play” as a natural medium for social, emotional, and cognitive development.

View this webinar recording, and learn how to identify what constitutes developmentally appropriate adult-child interactions with young children; differentiate developmentally inappropriate practices from developmentally appropriate practices; and demonstrate how to implement developmentally appropriate interactions in the classroom.

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