ClassFlow Makes it Easy

ClassFlow_logo_White-on-Black_cmykClassFlow™ is a transformative, cloud-based classroom orchestration tool that enables teachers to create lessons, deliver interactive content across multiple devices, and assess student understanding.  Register for free to start building lessons and connecting with students like never before.

In today’s classrooms, there is an ever-expanding array of technologies and digital resources—tablets, smartphones, interactive whiteboards, the cloud, open education resources, student response devices and more. These technologies offer endless potential, but they also raise questions. How can you bring it all together to truly impact learning? How can you make it easy to use so that teachers can concentrate on what they love—helping students learn and achieve more?

Why ClassFlow?

  • Create and deliver interactive lessons anytime, anywhere
  • Connect with students like never before
  • Leverage students’ contributions and feedback to drive achievement

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ClassFlow sponsors the edWeb community Reinventing the Classroom.