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Improving Attendance: Levers Within Your District’s Locus of Control

Wednesday, July 17, 2024 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Improving Attendance: Levers Within Your District’s Locus of Control

Presented by Dr. Jodi Nocero, Director, Pupil Services, Oxnard School District (CA); Tara Ramirez, Manager of Federal and State Grants, Oxnard School District (CA); Dr. Kelvin Roldán, Deputy Commissioner for System Transformation, Rhode Island Department of Education; and Douglas Coulter, Director of Data Science, Panorama Education
Moderated by Meagan Naboulsi, Account Manager, Panorama Education

Sponsored by Panorama Education

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Post-pandemic rates of absenteeism have roughly doubled—leaving districts seeking effective absenteeism interventions. But before interventions can be effective, districts need to understand the why behind student absences, and which factors they can best impact. With data and strategies directed at sense of belonging and teacher-student relationships, districts can make school stick for every student.

New research from Panorama has studied 1.7 million students across 40+ states. The research estimates that around 20% of a student’s probability to be chronically absent is impacted by the school they attend—even when controlling for student characteristics, learning needs, and school poverty level. This promising statistic means that district leaders have levers in their locus of control to improve school climate and improve attendance.

View this engaging edLeader Panel to hear from district leaders about how they:

  • Capture and track data to understand which students need attendance support
  • Implement Tier 1 practices to grow sense of belonging for all students
  • Integrate strategies in every classroom through effective staff training

Plus, the panelists share free toolkits, blogs, and other resources to get you started! This recorded edLeader Panel is of interest to K-12 teachers, school leaders, and district leaders.

Jodi Nocero

About the Presenter

Dr. Jodi Nocero has acted as the Oxnard School District Director of Pupil Services for the past 25 years. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Organization from UC Santa Barbara. In her role at Oxnard, she supports students and families in these areas: Attendance; Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports; Family Needs: Clothing, School Safety, Disability Accommodations; and other Special Programs.

Tara Ramirez

Tara Ramirez is the Manager of Federal and State Grants at Oxnard School District (CA). She holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Management from LaVerne University. Her work both as a site and district-level administrator has focused on improving attendance, strengthening mental health, as well as creating a positive culture and climate to create a supportive environment that encourages attendance improvement.

Dr. Kelvin Roldán

Dr. Kelvin Roldán oversaw the development of Rhode Island’s COVID-19 recovery and acceleration strategy, and the Turnaround Action Plan for the Providence Public Schools. Prior to his current role, he held various positions in the City of Hartford and the Hartford Public Schools. In those roles, he co-developed the district’s reform strategy and secured over $80 million for the district’s strategic priorities. As a result of those efforts, Hartford’s achievement gap was closed by one-third. He is also a co-founder of several organizations, including Hartford Promise, Hartford Performs and Hartford Youth Scholars.

Dr. Roldán holds a B.A. in Chinese language and literature and in political science from Middlebury College, an M.A. in public policy from Trinity College, a professional diploma in educational leadership from the University of Connecticut, and a doctorate (Ed.L.D.) in education leadership from Harvard University, where he was a Judith K. Dimon Fellow.

Douglas Coulter

Douglas Coulter is the Director of Data Science at Panorama Education with over a decade of experience. Holding a master’s in public policy from NYU, he has led research and evaluation at the NYC Department of Education and various education technology companies. His work has specifically focused on estimating the impacts of technological interventions across educational settings.

Meagan Naboulsi

About the Moderator

Meagan Naboulsi is an Account Manager with Panorama Education where she supports district leaders with their strategies to build data and action into their everyday work. She holds master’s degrees from Arizona State in both secondary education and teaching and educational administration supervision. She is a former teacher leader and coach and professional development leader for districts across the country.

Learn more about viewing the live presentation and the recording, earning your CE certificate, and using our new accessibility features.

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