VIPKid to Host Helping ELL/ESL Students Succeed Community on edWeb is excited to announce that VIPKid will be sponsoring Helping ELL/ESL Students Succeed, a professional learning community on edWeb that focuses on supporting ELL/ESL students to improve their academic achievement and English language learning.

VIPKid will kick off their sponsorship with the edWebinar, Differentiate Your Teaching for ESL Students: Sensory Instruction for Motivation, on January 29th at 6 pm Eastern Time, featuring Dr. Alex Monceaux, Associate Director of the Lamar Pathway Program at Lamar University. Dr. Monceaux will focus on the use of multisensory instruction for ESL students. Multisensory instruction can help encourage students, especially ELLs, to gather information about a task, link information to ideas they already know and understand, and store information for later recall. The session will introduce differentiated instruction and then focus on the idea of “process” and how these processes shape learning and remembering.

Through their sponsorship, VIPKid will be hosting a series of edWebinars in the Helping ELL/ESL Students Succeed community and providing a forum where educators and experts can share best practices and innovative ideas in real time. All programs are recorded and archived in the community for viewing at any time. Members of the community earn CE certificates for attending or viewing any of the community’s programs, and can join in online discussions to share additional ideas and resources on an ongoing basis, all for free.

Having connected over 500,000 students with over 60,000 teachers in North America, VIPKid is the largest 1:1 immersive English learning platform and hosts hundreds of thousands of classes daily. “It’s been wonderful to hear from VIPKid teachers how teaching with us has helped hone their ESL skills in their classrooms too. We’re delighted to have an opportunity to share and promote stronger support for teaching language learners not just in North America, but globally through our partnership with edWeb,” said Karen Raghavan, Head of Teacher Marketing and Business Development.

Lisa Schmucki, the founder and CEO of, commented, “We receive so many requests from educators asking for more programs to help them support their ELL and ESL students, so we are thrilled to launch this program with VIPKid. VIPKid has so much enthusiasm and expertise, and will bring a high level of support for educators looking for help in this area.”

Educators are invited to join the free professional learning community, Helping ELL/ESL Students Succeed, and are invited to register for the January 29th edWebinar, Differentiate Your Teaching for ESL Students: Sensory Instruction for Motivation.

About VIPKid
VIPKid is a global education technology company that connects children with the world’s best teachers for real-time online English immersion learning. VIPKid’s mission is to inspire and empower every child for the future. VIPKid believes that education is not one-size-fits-all, rather all students are unique and the world is within their reach when connected with great teachers capable of personalizing learning and sparking curiosity. Learn more at Follow @thevipkidlife.

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