Take the Vision K20 Survey | Measure Your Tech Progress

vk20-edWebThe Education Division of the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) has worked with educators and industry partners to create a Vision for K-20 Education for the 21st century. Here are the goals:

  • Utilize 21st century tools for teaching and learning.
  • Provide all members of the education community with anytime/anywhere educational access.
  • Offer differentiated learning options and resources to close achievement gaps.
  • Employ technology-based assessment tools.
  • Use technology to enable the enterprise.

Would you like to see how your educational institution is progressing towards the Vision for K-20 Education?

Take the Vision K-20 Survey

As a school or college teacher or administrator, you can use the Vision K-20 Survey to check your organization’s progress in meeting the goals. Use the survey to measure the progress of your class, your school, your district, or your college.

Find out how your education institution compares to others around the U. S. (and the world). SIIA conducts the same survey every spring, so you can check each year to track your institution’s progress.

The survey is open through March 31st. You see your results immediately after you complete the survey (although individual results will remain anonymous and will not be shared publicly).