Re-inventing the Wheel: A Fresh Look at Maker Ed


Independent learningThe maker movement is as old as time, but in many ways it’s as new as the latest Internet meme. Steve Kurti, a PhD physicist with a passion for high-quality education and hands-on learning, investigated today’s landscape of innovation and hands-on skills as well as some of the foundations of the current maker movement in this edWeb webinar presented by the Leadership 3.0 community. Using the backdrop of great new maker tools, he discussed the need to leverage features of the latest technology to find a timeless treasure: independent learning. Steve also explored how maker education and makerspaces can supercharge run-of-the-mill projects by suggesting that regardless of the technology used or not used, any good teacher can create an environment for exploration. Do timeless principles still govern the hottest trends? Steve believes we can embrace change and harness its power, or resist it and be pushed to the margins.

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