Map of Changing District Plans Provided by MCH

As we head rapidly towards back-to-school time, schools and districts are facing rapidly changing circumstances as a result of the coronavirus. MCH Strategic Data has released a map to help everyone involved in education to keep up with the latest information and data. View the map here. Here is more information on this new resource.

MCH Strategic Data Releases New Map to Provide School District Status Updates
Rapidly Changing School District Plans and Operations Updated Daily Through Fall

MCH COVID-19 school map

MCH Strategic Data has announced a new map resource to stay informed of the rapid changes to public school district plans and operations now and throughout the fall. To help educational organizations as well as families across the nation better understand the situation in their communities, MCH partnered with Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, to make K-12 district level information accessible from a public dashboard, including: re-opening dates; learning models; district sports participation; online instruction increase; network investment; hardware investment.

“As the virus began to drive swift changes to the K-12 community landscape, we knew we had the talent and technology to provide this data to the public,” said Amy Rambo, President of MCH. “Compiling and sharing crucial data to aid in planning and safety was the least we could do for our educators, students, and schools as well as the organizations and businesses that serve them.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, our nation’s tactics to monitor and track its impact follow suit.  Initially, public school policies surrounding COVID-19 were made at the state level therefore the original iteration of this map produced in the spring represented data based on that standard.  However, once policies surrounding COVID-19 began being made at the local school district level, it was necessary for MCH to restructure and present this important data at the district level. MCH has developed a process and strategy to update the data as it is collected and refresh each K-12 public school district at least every 3-4 weeks. MCH will continue to survey districts throughout the fall adding critical, timely information regarding capacity, occupancy, mask utilization, etc., as the data is procured.

As a part of its ongoing commitment to educators, students, and schools as well as the businesses and organizations that serve them, MCH Strategic Data is providing the MCH School District Status Updates resource free of charge. The map can be accessed by visiting and may also be added to your own site for free. 

View the District Map Here

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