Interview with a Medal of Honor Recipient: Living History with Melvin Morris


Morris, MelvinIn April 1970, then-Staff Sgt. Melvin Morris received the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroism in advancing enemy lines, single-handedly destroying enemy forces that pinned down his battalion, and saving a fallen comrade, all while suffering multiple gunshot wounds. On March 18, 2014, America decided she had not honored Mr. Morris enough. Forty-five years after two volunteer deployments to Vietnam, Melvin Morris was awarded the Medal of Honor at the White House for his valorous actions while commanding the Third Company, Third Battalion of the IV Mobile Strike Force near ChiLang. Almost a year after receiving the Medal of Honor, a now retired Mr. Morris reflects with Ronald Rand (CMOHF CEO) on Mr. Morris’ acts of gallantry and intrepidity that earned him the Medal of Honor, as well as how his life has changed since beginning his service to this nation as a Medal of Honor Recipient. During this webinar for the Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice community, Melvin took questions about his experiences from teachers and students and shared his thoughts on character, commitment, and bravery.

This broadcast was part of a series presented by the Medal of Honor Character Development Program which teaches the traits of courage, integrity, sacrifice, commitment, citizenship, and patriotism. Over 100 video vignettes form a base for a nearly 60-lesson, cross-disciplinary, flexible curriculum compatible with Common Core and built on the Medal of Honor recipients’ stories. Learn how to access the full program online, request a DVD kit, or register for and attend an in-person training. The entire program, in all its formats, is funded by the Medal of Honor Foundation and provided at no charge to educators and students.

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Lessons of Personal Bravery and Self-Sacrifice is a professional learning community, hosted by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation that highlights a free character education program that includes lesson plans, video vignettes, webinars and primary source documents for secondary school teachers to use in the classroom as examples of courage, integrity, and good citizenship.  The program is built on the premise that all people have within them the capacity for extraordinary bravery and selfless service.  This program is sponsored by Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

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