Healthy Teachers = Healthy Classrooms


runner-808932_1280At Movara, we know that teachers have a great impact on developing healthy relationships and attitudes in young children. We also know that when we have a better understanding of a subject, it is easier to share or teach to others. This webinar hosted by the Amazing Resources for Educators community helped to increase attendees’ understanding of fitness and nutrition, and invited participants to think about how their science and application go hand-in-hand. We also know that everyone, including educators, encounters challenges when trying to apply healthy living to their busy lives. In this webinar, registered dietitian, Emily Fonnesbeck, and fitness trainer, Tiffany Gust, both with Movara Fitness Resort, helped attendees move toward a healthier lifestyle. A healthier you also means a healthier classroom. Emily and Tiffany shared helpful tools to apply healthy living to a busy lifestyle, including strategies and tips on the following topics: A basic framework for balanced and healthy meals; Quick and easy meal and snack ideas; How to reconnect with hunger and fullness levels to develop self-trust; Fitness tips to fit into your busy day.

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