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Deb deVries, co-founder and President of Girls Thinking Global, and Lisa Schmucki, founder and CEO of, were interviewed on Education Talk Radio by program host Larry Jacobs. They talked about the mission of Girls Thinking Global and a community on edWeb to help educators and organizations in the United States and around the world to make progress on supporting adolescent girls.

deb devries

Deb deVries, co-founder and President of Girls Thinking Global

Deb deVries and Kathy Hurley are the co-founders of Girls Thinking Global. After their long and successful careers at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson (each respectively), they wanted to find a way to give back and have and impact. Kathy attended a Harvard program on leadership, and that helped fuel her interest in leadership issues for women and girls. Kathy recently published a book, Real Women, Real Leaders, that tells the story of the personal journeys of successful women who are business and education leaders.

In 2013, Kathy and Deb began discussing the formation of a non-profit to support and assist organizations that focused on educating and empowering girls and young women around the world. They decided that they could have the greatest impact by working with organizations and helping to use technology to foster greater community among organizations that provide direct service to girls worldwide. They discovered that these organizations tend to be small and run by fabulous women, so if Girls Thinking Global could connect them, they could help them scale. It’s well known world-wide that if you educate a girl, it impacts her children and her community.

Lisa Schmucki, the founder of edWeb, is very interested in this topic as well. She benefited from attending a wonderful girl’s secondary school, and that experience has helped her throughout her life and with the confidence needed to create edWeb. Lisa is working with Kathy and Deb to create a Girls Thinking Global community on edWeb to provide the technology to support this growing community of organizations and educators.

Anyone who is interested in these issues can visit the Girls Thinking Global community at and join the edWeb community at

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