Developing Your Data-Driven Mindset and Practice


study-736248_1280Data-driven educational decision-making refers to processes by which educators examine student assessment or other relevant data to identify student strengths and deficiencies, and then apply those findings to their own classroom practice. By examining instructional practices and students’ actual performance on any type of assessment, you can uncover information that will help you make more informed instructional decisions. In this webinar for the Assessment for Learning community, Dr. Craig A. Mertler discussed developing a data-driven mindset. In addition, Craig shared specific processes for using student assessment data as a means to guide data-driven decision making. Specifically, he provided answers to the following questions:

  •      What does a data-driven classroom look like?
  •      What kinds of student data are appropriate for the data-driven decision making process?
  •      How can data-driven decision making be used for large group instruction, as well as individualized instruction?
  •      What caveats should I be aware of when engaging in these practices?
  •      How do I start engaging in data-driven decision making?

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