Harnessing the Power of Risk-Taking: The Good, the Bad & the Calculated

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Screenshot 2015-07-13 15.11.01 Entrepreneurs aren’t risk takers. They are calculated risk takers. Research in entrepreneurship continually calls out the skills of calculated risk-taking as a key component of success. When you think of the risk takers in the classroom, who comes to mind? What kind of risks do those students take? Does risk-taking have a positive or negative impact on that student’s learning, the learning of other students, and the classroom as a whole? Much of the information on risk-taking, especially when referring to early adolescents, focuses on keeping students from engaging in risky behaviors. There are several types of risk-taking however, many of which have a positive impact on student learning and on college, career, and entrepreneurial success. This edWeb.net webinar presented by the Developing 21st Century Skills in Next Generation Entrepreneurs community focused on calculated risk-taking—a careful decision-making process that weighs all alternatives and emphasizes mitigating the risk along the way whenever possible. Laurene Johnson, PhD, provided clear definitions of the different types of risk-taking and their potential impacts on students’ learning and the classroom environment. Laurene, an educator with over 20 years of experience, translated the research in this area into helpful, practical information for K-12 educators. She shared specific strategies that educators can use in the classroom immediately to help students learn to be calculated risk takers. Opportunities were provided during the presentation for participants to interact with the information and apply it to their own teaching situation.

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