Art Builds Critical Thinking


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.36.59 PMWhat does critical thinking mean and why is it a 21st century skill? In this webinar presented by Cheri Sterman with the Champion Creativity community, viewers explored promising practices of using art-integration to build critical thinking skills. Art-integration lessons involve stretching what a student knows, building upon prior understanding and persevering to find new solutions. Students need to make complex choices and evaluate which best solve problems in innovative ways. Bloom’s taxonomy shows that remembering information is the simplest form of cognition. Analyzing and evaluating are higher levels of thinking. The ultimate level of critical thinking is creating. Learning outcomes: Explore the essence of critical thinking and why “When something is created…something bigger happens.” Examine student artwork; generate essential questions that could deepen student understanding and help teachers extract insights for authentic assessment of student learning. Attendees were inspired to post personal artwork that addresses the “Create a New Species” challenge.

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