Making Monday Matter in the Early Learning Classroom! Read a Song and Sing a Book


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.32.48 PMBuild self-esteem and emotional intelligence from the very beginning! View this webinar featuring Debbie Clement, an award-winning, song-writing, author/illustrator, in an upbeat romp of music, movement, novelty, sign language and laughter. This webinar, presented by the Early Childhood Learning Solutions community, connects the polka dots between crossing-the-midline, using both hemispheres of the brain, sequences that scaffold, and the inherent strength of patterns within music, as they relate to math and the gift of rhyme within song. Attendees learned: sign language in support of original songs for children; simple choreography that helps students develop “cross the midline” skill; how balance relates to the brain’s development of proprioception to help the young child learn where his/her “body is in space”; and how laughter, novelty, and surprises elicit attention, excitement, and retention for the child’s developing brain.

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