What’s this “Connected Teaching, Learning & Leadership” all about?

J.Mazza-4-208x300This post was written by Joe Mazza, Director of Connected Teaching, Learning & Leadership at North Penn School District in Lansdale, PA.  This post was originally written on LeadLearner.com.

For the past 4 months, I’ve been working in a new role in my school district building capacity across 2500 teachers, 100 administrators and 13,000 students for connected teaching, learning & leadership. If you recall, I took a Leap of Faith from my lead learner position at Knapp Elementary back in October to pursue work to aligns directly with my passions in leveraging today’s social media tools to build relationships, develop collaborative spaces and meet stakeholders where they are using high & low tech, research-based strategies.

Yesterday I spent some time with Larry Jacobs of BlogTalkRadio and Chris Piehler of T.H.E. Journal as this month’s Ed-Innovator of the Month. Here is the 42 minute conversation we had on connected teaching, learning & leadership where I highlight more of what I do on a daily basis, as well as how our schools need to possess the same culture of selfless sharing that the Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) offer.

For more on this work, find the link to this month’s T.H.E. Journal article where I’ve highlighted 6 ideas for school leaders to consider in embedding connectivity into their learning organizations:

  • Tools for transparency
  • Do as they do
  • Making connections
  • Casting a wider network
  • Passing the screen test
  • 3 tips on creating a connected learning environment

FREE WORKSHOP –> Finally, I’ll be presenting Connected Teaching, Learning & Leadership during a free and open EdWeb webinar on Monday, April 28th at 4PM EDT. You can pre-register and set a reminder for yourself by following this link.

I’d be anxious to hear your own thoughts on the state of connected teaching, learning & leadership in your learning organization. Who is helping you and your colleagues develop these connected capacities? Please use the comment section here to share you thoughts and insights.