The Eight Tenets of a Relevant Connected Educator


Why is ithow connectedness empowers learning essential that educators be connected? How can collaborating using social media empower your teaching practice? In this edWeb webinar hosted by the Digital Classroom: Teaching with Tech community and presented by Steven Anderson and Tom Whitby, we learned how to be a relevant educator. Participants interacted with questions and discussion around the eight tenets of being a relevant connected educator with examples of how to best leverage social media like Twitter, Hangouts, and more. Steven and Tom discussed principles from their recent book, The Relevant Educator: How Connectedness Empowers Learning, from the Connected Educators Series. This interactive webinar was helpful for teachers, tech coordinators, library/media specialists, and administrators interested in being more connected.

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Digital Classroom: Teaching with Tech is a free professional learning community (PLC) where educators share ideas and best practices around meaningful integration of technology and teaching.  Members can learn about the best apps, websites, and games for learning and examples of how teachers are using them.  Webinar topics also include learning frameworks and models, and practical ideas and tips.  This program is hosted by Common Sense Education.

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