Roadmap to Optimizing K12 Communities: Achieve Superior Engagement for Your District


map-525349_640Given the link between learning outcome success and family engagement, every K-12 district is on a journey toward optimizing its school-home communications. In this webinar for the Family Engagement and Community Outreach community, Marc Rubner, Schoolwires’ VP of Marketing, presented a Roadmap to Optimizing Communities (ROC). The session was designed for K-12 district and school leaders involved in improving and maximizing family engagement and community outreach through programs, initiatives, and technology. View the webinar to identify your own district’s place on the roadmap and receive guidance in determining your path to optimizing engagement in your K-12 community. Marc explored the following topics:

  • The five levels of community engagement
  • The roadblocks that districts typically face at each level
  • The journey that districts take through each level
  • Tools to help districts determine where they land on the ROC grid
  • Next steps to take to advance on your ROC journey

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Family Engagement & Community Outreach in K-12 is an online thought leadership community where district and school administrators, teachers, and parents can explore all aspects of family engagement and its positive effects on student achievement.  This program is sponsored by Schoolwires.

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