Preparing for High-Stakes Tests without Sacrificing your Instructional Program


time-481447_640Testing season is upon us, and this year everyone – students, parents, administrators, and teachers – is especially anxious because in most states there will be new, more rigorous tests. So what’s a teacher to do? Give students volumes of practice tests? Cram more content into the school day? Wear out your students with studying? Not according to the research. In this webinar, Rick Kaller, Vice President and Editorial Director of Triumph Learning’s Literacy & Humanities Division and Jack Beers, Vice President of Triumph Learning’s Mathematics/Science Division presented plenty of practical ideas about how to get your students ready for test days, and they don’t involve abandoning your curriculum.  Jack and Rick addressed: How do you introduce the language of testing? How do you prepare for digital tests? What are the new types of items that students are likely to encounter on them? Can you adequately prepare for digital tests using print-based resources? How much do you tell your students about the tests without making them anxious? What is the best way to cover test-taking strategies? Should preparing for tests be embedded in classroom activities or should it be taught separately?

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Assessment for Learning is a professional learning community (PLC) that provides ideas and resources for teachers to help them with instruction and real-time, formative assessment. The best practices, which are researched-based and relatively easy to introduce into the classroom, can have a tremendous impact on student achievement.  This program is sponsored by Triumph Learning.

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