Preparing Children for Kindergarten and Beyond


prek3When parents think of kindergarten readiness, thoughts of letters, numbers, shapes and colors come to mind.   When kindergarten teachers think of kindergarten readiness, they think of Executive Function qualities that educators feel are more important than academic skills. Executive Function qualities include:

  • Being curious and enthusiastic about learning. 
  • Using words to communicate needs and wants. 
  • Being able to follow directions. 
  • Being able to take turns and to share. 
  • Being sensitive to other children’s feelings. 
  • Being able to sit still and pay attention. 
  • Not being disruptive in class. 
  • Being able to focus and finish tasks. 

edWeb’s PreK-3 Digital Learning community held a webinar on kindergarten readiness.  Webinar presenter, Crystal Labbe, M.Ed., Founder and CEO of Miss Humblebee’s Academy, an online kindergarten preparatory program, walked webinar attendees through the understanding and importance of Executive Function and how it serves as a foundation for school and lifetime success.  Attendees learned specific teaching strategies to help their students:

  • Focus on complicated problems. 
  • Control impulses. 
  • Set goals and work toward achieving them. 
  • Get along with others.

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