Doing Your Part with Hour of Code


You probably recnine-to-five-job-155175_1280ognize the important role that computer science plays in the future, but you may not know how simple it can be to give your students a strong foundation that will last a lifetime. In this webinar for the Teaching Kids to Code community on, Kiki Prottsman, Executive Director of, discussed how just one hour of exposure can spark a love for problem solving. She also shared practical ways to participate in the Hour of Code in your neighborhood — even without access to digital technology. also provided dozens of free resources, including their own Code Studio course, along with ‘unplugged’ Thinkersmith curriculum, elementary school coding experiences (such as Scratch, Scratch Jr., Code Kingdoms, and Code Maven) and more! For advanced learners, Kiki touched on other self-guided tutorials that can introduce common computing ideas and languages that are popular in today’s industry.

Beyond the Hour of Code, learn how your school can receive free professional development in computer science from, so that you can incorporate engaging curriculum into your existing modules all year long.

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