edWeb Hosts New Principal Leadership Community to Support School Leaders


edWeb.net is delighted to announce the launch of Principal Leadership: Making a Difference, a free professional learning community to help principals connect and collaborate on challenges they face leading schools and driving school improvement. Collaboration with peers is one of the most powerful ways to learn about effective ideas and practices. The community will host a series of monthly edWebinars with panels of leading principals where presenters and principal attendees can discuss topics of concern.

Prior to the launch, edWeb conducted a Principal Leadership Survey and received feedback from 150 principals on the challenges they’ve faced this past year, their accomplishments, and the areas where they want to learn more. Based on these results, topics that will be discussed during the upcoming year will include:

  • Creating your school’s mission and vision
  • Leading an engaged student learning community
  • Parent engagement and communication
  • Building a positive school climate
  • Providing high-impact professional development for teachers
  • Leadership and time management skills
  • And more…

The first edWebinar in the series, “Principal Leadership: Voices from the Field,” took place on Monday, July 15, 2019 with Shannon Holden, Principal of Pierce City High School (MO), host of the edWebinar series, and his guest, Dr. L. Robert Furman, Principal of South Park Elementary Center (PA). They discussed and probed the results of the Principal Leadership Survey with feedback from the live principal audience, and set the stage for the rest of the series. Principals and school leaders who missed the live session can view the recording.

Lisa Schmucki, founder of edWeb.net, commented, “We were inspired to launch this online program for principals based on the success of our online program for superintendents this past year, Super-Connected. We’ve been hosting monthly edWebinar panel discussions with superintendents in partnership with CoSN, and they’ve been of tremendous value to the participants and the attendees. We know that school principals will find the same benefit from this kind of virtual collaboration. As one of the principals who attended the first edWebinar said, ‘I am glad to hear that principals’ concerns are globally the same. Now I don’t feel so alone.'”

Principals and all school leaders are invited to join the Principal Leadership: Making a Difference community for invitations to upcoming edWebinars and access to online discussion forums where you can connect and collaborate with other educators and experts on a continuous basis.

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