Leading through Persuasion: The Path to Influence


press-304776_640Leadership is more than a function of positional authority. Most situations that require educators to exercise leadership hinge on gaining cooperation rather than relying on coercion. This calls for developing advanced skills in the arts of influence and persuasion. In this webinar, Matthew Kohut, Founding Partner of KNP Communications, traced the path to influence through a balance of strength and warmth. Matthew shared how strength is the ability to get things done through a combination of competence and determination and how warmth is the ability to convey a sense of shared concerns, emotions, and interests. People who project both of these qualities have the capability to make things happen on behalf of people who trust them, so others look to them for leadership and feel comfortable knowing they are in charge. This webinar focused on practical tips in areas including:

  • Identifying the traits and underlying behaviors associated with persuasive leaders.
  • Understanding how and why people perceive you the way they do.
  • Improving outcomes with your peers, direct reports, and key stakeholders.
  • Understanding and managing your presence in both live and virtual settings, including through social media.

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