Extending Fraction Understanding Part 4: Fractions in Primary Grades

In the final installment of the Extending Fraction Understanding series presenter Sara Delano Moore talks about fractions in the primary grades.  In this hour long session Sara discusses when the foundations of fractions are laid and when the formal study of fractions begins under CCSS. She also talks about how the idea of sharing fairly is an important for early fraction study, and Geometry standards in grades 1 and 2. In addition, this webinar explored connections from fractions to money and time.

Quotes from the session:

“It’s interesting to me that I never noticed “decomposing” in terms of smaller shares of fractions”

“Great fact to remember when comparing fractions of different sized wholes”

“Thank you! This was great.”


Click to view the webinar “Extending Fraction Understanding Part 4: Fractions in Primary Grades”

Sponsored by ETA hand2mind

Presented by Sara Delano Moore, Ph. D., Director of Mathematics and Science at ETA hand2mind

Sara Delano Moore is the Director of Mathematics and Science at ETA hand2mind.  Dr. Moore earned her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and also holds degrees from the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and The Johns Hopkins University.  She has taught mathematics and science in both public and private schools, and has served as Program Faculty Chair of the Middle Grades Teacher Education Program at the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Moore’s writing can be found in national journals such as Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Science Scope, and Middle School Journal.

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